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Shamrock Palma Restaurant

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Live-Music characterize us. Local groups, national and artist from the whole world have made our nights for years better and nicer. Big musicians have played their songs, and different versions of the most popular songs in history and from all kind of music types: Rock, Pop, Funk, Reggae, Country, Blues, Jazz…

Concerts every night!
Concerts every night!
Official Irish Pub
Official Irish Pub
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Shamrock Palma – Guinness Official Irish Pub

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Shamrock Palma is an Irish Pub with the Label “Guinness Official Irish Pub”. The pub has a concert hall and a restaurant located in front of the promenade in Palma de Mallorca, that’s the most active area of the city that also has a room in the first floor equipped for events, celebrations and business lunch, with an incredible view on the port and the cathedral.

It’s open until 5am in the morning. It has 9 screens, with an outdoor sound, so that you can view and listen to all the major sporting events also from the terrace. Read the history.

Shamrock Palma offers a selected menu with meat, fish, tapas and homemade desserts. We cook our meat with oak coals and our hamburgers are from Angus meat and they weight 220gramms. All these is combined with a very high selection of cocktails, Malta-whiskey and reserves, coffee and a long list of spirits. Among other, our products are also: Wines and national and international champagnes and variety of beers, of which is definitely the most popular and classic the dark beer. See the menu.

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Our Sponsors

Shamrock Palma is currently a sponsor of Music-Radio programs, Sponsor of the male and female rugby team ‘Shamrock Rugby Club’ and of a mountain climbing club ‘Club Comando Sa Riera’.

We do our best to keep the warm and cosmopolitan atmosphere.

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Major sporting events in Shamrock Palma

Every Thursday from 19 until 20 o’clock

Our radio program

Shamrock Palma has an own place in the BN Mallorca Radio, led by Yayo Álvarez and tittled as “Treboleando”.

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