Shamrock Palma has a lot of work relationships which are of great significance. In addition to sponsoring the official Guinness Irish bars, it is the main sponsor of an excellent rugby team in Palma de Mallorca called Shamrock Rugby Club.

Guinness Official Irish Pub

Shamrock Palma is an Irish Restaurant and Pub with concert hall, terrace, superior rooms with a wonderful view, which is specialized for events and live sports events.

logo shamrock rugby color

Shamrock Rugby Club

Shamrock Rugby Club is an amateur team Palma de Mallorca, whose main objective is the development of the player (adults and children) and to show all the beauty of it, such as Respect, discipline, comradeship, solidarity, commitment, education, sacrifice and sportsmanship.

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Programa de Radio en BN Mallorca

Shamrock Palma has its own place in the BN Mallorca Radio, led by Yayo Álvarez and titled as “Treboleando “.