A little bit about us…

Shamrock Palma –  Official Guinness Irish Pub

In 2007 is a karaoke opened that was named as “Kanta tu” and that is just one more event that has found place by us. Last 12th October 2015 we had celebrated our 8 years and we thank all those incredible persons that has supported us for so many years, all those visitors from the whole world as well as those that are from here, and of course we thanked us by our coworker and all the incredible musician that has entertained us all these years at nights and made our nights wonderful. We would like to thank all them for being there for us.

Our line was from the beginning on quality, courtesy and service professionalism, but also we watched to keep the best musical events such as live – focused music, etc. for so many years . From the beginning, we had seen that we only work with the best, and we have mentioned them all, the day we celebrated our town. This is our stamp.

Of course we have to mention that our nights wouldn’t be so beautiful if there were not our fantastic music groups that have our nights embellished for years.

Nowadays we offer you:

Monday night: Folk – rock,
Tuesday night: Reggae and rock,
Wednesday night: rock radio coverage.

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